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All these tests are personalized to your preference and full privacy is assured. The quizzes are usually 8-12 questions long. The original lovetest is a bit longer and offers more features. Usually every month, there are new quizzes added, so make sure to come back to the site very often to see what's new and exciting.

Take one of our personalized love tests. The questionnaires of these tests are personalized just for you and additional features are available as well.

The Original LoveTest

Answer 42 questions and get advice about your relationship as well as compatibility information.

Love Thermometer / Calculator

The love thermometer calculates how hot the romance with your heartthrob can be. Several test options to choose from.

Love Fortune Teller

Did you ever want to get more information about yourself? Then ask the Love Fortune Teller for more insights. It's fast and a pretty accurate...

Love Compatibility Analysis

This is our newest love analyzer... enter your birthday and the birthday of your partner to find out how compatible you are on the astro-birth level.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

A quick glance, a friendly smile - sometimes it clicks immediately between two persons. Other people take a bit longer to fall in love. Are you the kind of person to fall in love at first sight? Take this test and find out...

Have you found your perfect match yet?

Is your heart pounding like crazy when you see your heartthrob? I bet you want to give him or her a big hug and hot kisses and never let got again. Let's be honest! Are you really sure that you were made for each other or is it just a little crush?

Do you know how to kiss right?

Do you know how to kiss right? Actually, it doesn’t dependent only on you, but also on your partner. There are lots of different kisses: wet and sloppy, warm and sensual, hot and arousing, sweet and short. Do you have the right feeling when it comes to kissing? Is your partner happy with your experience of kissing?

Are you good at flirting?

A quick glance, a friendly smile, an affectionate gesture - sometimes sparks are flying immediately when you are flirting. However what can you do when your heartthrob hasn't caught fire? What's your approach? Do you take the first step or do you wait for the other person to make the first move?

Will you find true love this year?

How was your love life in the last year? Still haven’t found your true love yet? Maybe everything will be different this year. Take this 8 question love quiz and find out what awaits you in the next 12 months. You’ll see if you find your soulmate easily or if you have to work a bit on it…